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How to avoid purchasing a pirated Shopify theme?

Updated: Jan 22

Launching a new business or growing an existing one requires a strong online presence, which is often done with a Shopify theme. Many business owners turn to Shopify theme developers to help them take the first steps in their website; however, this opens the door to potential problems, making it important to understand and avoid certain Shopify theme developers for these 6 reasons.

#1: Pirated Themes are Common

The theme you purchase might not be original and is pirated. Stealing another layout or design scheme from creators is common. These fraudulent sellers can go undetected for long periods of time, making it important to ensure you are purchasing an original theme. You don’t want to be liable for someone else’s wrongdoing.

#2: Version Updates Aren’t Automatic

After you purchase a theme, version updates aren’t automatic. This means that your theme won’t be updated with the latest versions through Shopify. Outdated updates can lead to a poor customer experience.

#3: Code Updates are Outdated

Similar to version updates, the code working on your website theme could be old, outdated, or broken. Broken code leads to bugs and backend issues that can affect your customer’s experience. In order to promote sales, you must ensure that you are giving your customers a flawless navigation experience.

#4: Latest Features Aren’t included

Features are a major reason to avoid Shopify theme developers. For example, if you were to have purchased Shopify a few months ago, you might not have access to Shopify 2.0, expanded filter abilities, and a mega menu. These features promote efficiency and productivity, making them vital to your business.

#5: Frequent Website Glitches

Website glitches are also common with Shopify theme developers. Glitches from poor code, minimal updates, and outdated versions are prevalent, especially if you purchase a pirated Shopify theme. In order to avoid frequent website glitches, you want to be careful with who you purchase themes from.

#6: Lagging Website Speeds

Your website shouldn’t take minutes to load. Instead, customers should be able to navigate between products and pages in seconds. Shopify theme developers often focus solely on the graphic design of the website and not the critical backend functions. Finding a website that is optimized for speed should be at the top of your priority list.

What Tips Should You Keep in Mind?

When it comes to avoiding these 6 issues, there are steps you can take. First, contact the Shopify or theme developer to confirm you are purchasing an original Shopify theme. Even sellers that look trustworthy might be using pirated Shopify themes. Next, compare the theme version with the latest updated version. You want to be sure you are receiving the latest version to enjoy all of the features.

Additionally, be sure you check the reviews of the Shopify theme developer. Firsthand insight into what past customers are saying is vital to ensure you are receiving a quality and original theme. Furthermore, ask the website developer questions before purchasing the theme, including questions on originality and updates. Finally, watch for any bugs or items that look suspicious. If you are getting a bad gut feeling about a particular theme or seller, trust it!


Pirated Shopify themes are more common than you may think, making it important to understand common mistakes business owners make. Avoiding these mistakes can be done by enlisting the help of an expert. As a web developer, I specialize in helping e-commerce businesses create beneficial websites, avoiding all of the above issues. Reach out today to learn more.

Veronica Pascal

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